Jackie Ronco

International Psychic Medium

Hi! My name is Jackie, and I am a Psychic Medium and proud Mommy of four amazing little boys: Leonidas, Maximus, and twin boys, Julius and Constantine. They're strong names for four strong characters! I love those boys...they stole my heart. Besides being a Medium and a Mommy, I love to travel, bake cookies with my boys, listen to Indie-folk music in the morning, burn Nag Champa incense to get into "my zone", and I love to take pictures. One of my goals in life is to be the next "Pioneer Woman" (Ree Drummond from Food Network)!! I hope to live in an old rustic farmhouse someday, feeding my boys everything from my garden. I love and appreciate the simple things in life.

As a child I was always very sensitive and intrigued by Spirit communication and Ghosts. Over the years I had various experiences with spirits, but didn't really understand what was happening, so I shut it down for a while. 


At the age of 17, I was visited repeatedly by someone who passed very young. I saw him as clear as day in the middle of the night, many times he would move the pull string of the lamp in my bedroom, and songs on the radio would come on that that would remind me of him…etc. This was his way of relaying the message(s) to his family that he was safe on the Other Side and that he didn’t lose his luggage!

After many nights of reading and figuring out what this “Mediumship” thing was all about, I seeked out advice and took classes on how to “fine-tune” it and gain the confidence that I needed that I was really connecting with another dimension. The classes that I took were held at a local Spiritualist church, and held at Lilydale Assembly in Upstate New York (the largest Spiritualist organization of Mediums). I was trained to do individual sessions, group sessions, and platform demonstration (getting up in front of crowds). At 19 years-old I went to Lilydale and did my first platform demonstration in front of 100+ people!! It was extremely scary but also extremely profound! 

I also took advantage of all of the Mediumship classes that were being offered to me locally from all different teachers. It was important for me to see how everyone taught Mediumship, as I would only take what resonated with me. I still continue to learn and grow and apply it to my work...you can never stop learning and growing!! 

In 2016 I spent 6 intense weeks studying Advanced Mediumship with Lisa Williams, author, Medium and television star (‘Life Among the Dead’). It was very transforming to me because this course was being taught from someone who I idolized and always respected, I used to sit on my living room couch and watch her every week! So to learn from her in-person, and have her watch me do readings for my classmates, it really gave me the confidence and confirmation that this was in fact my purpose in life. To be the best channel for the Spirit world, and to provide healing for people in the Physical world. I was then personally certified by Lisa herself at Lilydale Assembly.


In 2019, I traveled abroad to the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, and studied with Academy of Mediumship owner and teacher from the Netherlands, José Gosschalk. This was part of Paul Jacob's Advanced Mediumship course where I trained and demonstrated Platform mediumship for large audiences. It was an intense experience...12 hour days of going "within" and learning to "blend" with the Spirit world. It was rigorous and intense but well worth the journey and experience! 

So that is my story of my Mediumship journey in a nutshell. Right now I am staying busy doing Individual and Group sessions, teaching new Mediums about grounding, chakras, and much more, and also doing platform demonstrations in front of audiences. 



For more information on Jackie's readings, classes, speaking engagements, & platform Mediumship demonstration events (local and afar), please visit: www.jackiethemedium.com

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