Featured Exhibitors:

Jackie Ronco

 International Psychic Medium, Teacher & Speaker

A local to St Augustine, Florida, Jackie is a Certified Psychic Medium. Jackie has the unique ability to contact people that have crossed over. She is known for her accuracy and for providing highly detailed evidence and personal messages from your friends, loved ones and pets in Spirit. Jackie also offers spiritual guidance through her psychic abilities and direction from her Spirit Guides to help people grow and heal....click here for more

Picasso Roberts

Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Teacher Certified Teachings of Michael Reader, & Author

Picasso is Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Teacher, Certified Teachings of Michael Reader, and Author. Picasso has the ability to communicate with those who are in the Spirit world, giving evidential messages of hope and healing. She is also a certified Reiki Master healer and gives her clients the healing that they need to move forward....click here for more

Vladimir Kautsky

BSEE, CCNA, Spiritual Healing Facilitator, Crystal Healer, Certified Reading Healing Dowser & Spiritual Hypnotist

Vladimir is able to assist you in contacting with your Spirit Guide, Totem, Healer, Heart, Spirit by Self Privately Directly Successfully. With Your Open Mind & 3d Eye, you will be able to receive the best advice, guidance, or real help for your health problems, living, study, or business issues.....click here for more

Universal Energy Massage

602 Brevard Ave, Cocoa, FL 32922

The Universal Energy Team is a group of people that desire to provide holistic treatment and spiritual development services to the community in order to help each individual to heal their physical and emotional bodies. They assist with releasing stress, muscle tension and anxiety.....click here for more

Lisa Evans

Energy Healer, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner

Lisa Evans hails from a traditional family background. Initially taking the “success” path to life, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science from New York University and spent the next 20 plus years in corporate America. During this time, she discovered she had an innate ability to sense energies. She eventually left corporate America and went on to pursue her calling as an energy healer.....click here for more

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