Lisa Evans

Energy Healer, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner

Lisa Evans hails from a traditional family background. Initially taking the “success” path to life, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science from New York University and spent the next 20 plus years in corporate America. During this time, she discovered she had an innate ability to sense energies. She eventually left corporate America and went on to pursue her calling as an energy healer.


Lisa’s background spans a decade of training in specific, very powerful and unique energy clearing techniques. Lisa has trained with some of the world’s most well-respected authorities in energy clearing including studying at Ron Lavin’s acclaimed One Light Healing Touch Energy Healing and Mystery School where she gathered knowledge from sacred traditions worldwide, Mona Lisa Schulz a leader in the area of medical intuition, and Michael Rowland, a leader and internationally known and well-respected for his work in clearing negative energies from people, homes and businesses.


She is an advanced practitioner of the exacting, globally used technique, Spiritual Response Therapy and a member of the Spiritual Response Association. Described by best-selling author Shadé Ashani as a “holy force on this earth”, Lisa’s innate wisdom and deep desire to facilitate healing for others has been a catalyst for a more peaceful life existence for countless clients and their spaces.


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