Vladimir Kautsky

BSEE, CCNA, Spiritual Healing Facilitator, Crystal Healer, Certified Reading Healing Dowser &

Spiritual Hypnotist

Hello, I am Vladimir Kautsky!

            I can assist you in contacting with Your Guide, Totem, Healer, Heart, Spirit by Self Privately Directly Successfully. With Your Open Mind, you will be able to receive the best advice, guidance, or real help for your health problems, living, study, or business issues. And also, you will be able to contact your painful or injured body part to be healed by your Body Wisdom.

            Before I moved to Florida in 2017, I worked eleven years as a Consulting  Hypnotist (Holistic Practitioner) with two medical offices Traditional & Alternative Medicine in Paramus, NJ and Pediatric Clinic in Brooklyn, NY. I utilize and develop various modalities and techniques as follows: advanced body parts therapy, guided imagery or dream, colors/music therapy, crystals/gems healing energy.  And also, Consulting by Dowsing  for your well-being using unique pendulums and charts    (not diagnostics), Healing by Sacred Geometry Energy, Body Wisdom Healing, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Facilitation, Chakras/Aura or Water Healing and more. 

            I received my certificate as a Certified Hypnotherapist by The Institute of Hypnotherapy of New Jersey, which is Certified and Approved by The State of New Jersey Department of Education and Department of Labor and Workforce Development. After that, I completed my Advanced Parts Therapy course at The Institute of Hypnotherapy of New Jersey and received my Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist certificate. Later I finished Pediatric Hypnotism course by National Guild of Hypnotists, earned and became a Certified in Pediatric Hypnotism.               


Also, I studied a  Self-Hypnosis course by National Guild of Hypnotists and became a Certified Self-Hypnosis Instructor.

            I had workshops in the US and Canada, learned and practiced beneficial modality as a Healing Dowsing utilizing a Sacred Geometry Energy by pendulums. Later I had developed myself and used other techniques as Spiritual Healing Facilitation, Water Healing, Chakras/Aura Healing. 

I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the American Society of Dowsers.


For more information on Vladimir, please visit:  www.openmindtobehappy.com

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