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It was in 1994 that started this journey of being able to sense other dimensions. I died in a boat accident in St Thomas USVI while working on charter boats. At first I didn’t realize what had happened on a spiritual level but I did eventually get there. 

I came to a crossroads in 2005 while living on my boat in the Florida Keys. I had a visitation by an angelic being and I was guided to start giving back. So I went back to school and studied massage therapy and got an Associate of Science degree in Natural Health. 

I was then lead to study Reiki and later became a Master Teacher. I also began my communications with the spirit world by learning to channel using a pendulum. I studied under Sally Baldwin who was a phenomenal channel. Sally now helps me from the other side when asked. She taught me how to work with a Collective of Souls by the name of Michael. I learned to channel Soul Charts for people to help them gain a better understanding of Soul purpose and Soul Relationships. You can see more of that at www.michaelteachings.com

I spent a month in Thailand studying traditional Thai Massage but that wasn’t why I was there. I spent everyday after class channeling for my fellow students. I sat in temples soaking up as much as I could. It was an amazing experience.

Not long after that I found myself living in Panama Central America where I started writing a blog to keep myself rooted on this earth. You can read my writing at www.thisseekersjourney.com. I am currently working on a book that tells the complete story. There was an unexplainable shift in Panama. I did not like living there and found myself stuck. There were some hard fast lessons I learned in that time. One of them was to stop hiding the truth of who I had become. There was more and it was happening so fast.

I didn’t learn to hear clearly until I moved to St Augustine Florida. The volume got turned up so loud I had no choice but to start conversing. Messages were coming through very clear for my clients that were on the massage table.

I was seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting information given by spirit. I knew that I had to start making this my focus instead of massage therapy. I could still help people heal by way of messages from spirit.

I was guided by spirit to make my journey to the UK to study at Arthur Findlay College. It is College is a college of Spiritualism and psychic sciences at Stansted Hall in Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, England. However I didn’t have the money to do that. Not a few days later, clients gifted me a substantial sum of money. They had no idea what was happening to me but spirit orchestrated this so beautifully.

I learned a new way of communicating with spirit. I was taught by Janet Nohavec, an ex-catholic nun from New Jersey, to use platform mediumship. It was a short course for me,I was only at the school for a week. I also listened to psychic medium Gordon Smith as well as Simon James and Janet Parker. I learned about trance mediumship and physical mediumship. If this school was closer to me I would be there every month. It is not and it is very expensive to travel to England, go to school, and travel home. While I was at AFC Janet taught us about “sitting in the power”. So that is what I do to expand myself and integrate with spirit.

Not a day goes by that I don’t communicate with my Spirit team. I know that some people have been doing this their entire lives. I have not been awake that long. In that way.

What do I want to do with this ability? I want to continually grow so that I can better be of service to people who are seeking guidance and connection from their loved ones in the spirit world. Its a very thin veil between here and there. We do not die when we are finished on the earth plane, we simply go to the next place. Do I have all of the answers? No, not even close. But I will do my best to help those that are put in my path.


For more information on Picasso, please visit:  www.mediumshipbypicasso.com

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